About Us

We all have the ability to create.

Creation deserves Expression.

There was a time when humans hand-made their clothes. Now, our clothes are factory-produced hundreds of thousands of pieces at a time. The biggest brands dominate the clothing markets with repetitive and over-used designs. Clothes have lost their individualistic element.

Our Hoodies are different. Each Hoodie is its own work of art. Art is dynamic and expressive; we refuse to be boxed into a specific type of design like all the brands before us. Our brand encourages the fullest range of individualism, creativity, and expression.

Each of our Hoodies is a wearable canvas. Not only are they a great medium for self-expression, but they also make the perfect billboard for these incredible artists' work. Wear a design that speaks to you and start conversations wherever you go. 

We want to inspire Creativity and encourage Expression. Our goal is to inject creativity, expression, and individualism back into a clothing industry. We've only just started, but we're committed and we're moving fast. 

Sounds good to you? Don't hesitate! Whether you're an artist or a Hoodie enthusiast, join our vibrant and growing online community by signing up for our Newsletter or emailing us at